Our Services  

  Cost-free Exploratory Survey: Our expert engineers conduct an exploratory survey on the building to see the current conditions and make a plan of the jobs to do.

  Observational Inspection by Expert Engineers: The buildings are inspected in detail by our specialist engineers on-site. The general situation of the building is inspected and evaluated for each floor.

  Controls of the Buildings Structural Drawings:If the structural drawing of the building is available, there is an inspection if the building’s built in accordance with the drawing. The structural elements’ sizes and geometries are determined and the fitness of longitudinal and transversal reinforcement bars for the structural design is controlled.

  Composing of the Building's Measured Drawings: Pf the structural drawing of the building is not available, our engineers compose the building’s measured drawings. The element sizes, axes and reinforcements of columns and beams are determined and noted on the drawings.

  Reinforcement Bar Controls by Profometer: The longitudinal reinforcement bars of the structural system elements are determined and the stirrup spaces, which has high importance for ductility of elements, are controlled by profometers that are used for detecting the bars.

  Core Drilling: A number of concrete samples (cores) in the reinforced concrete buildings are taken (according to the TS 10465 and Earthquake Code of Turkey 2007 - ECT 2007) by the material-testing laboratories, which are certified by the ministry of public works, to find out the concrete compressive strength. The results of the pressure tests are used in the analyses.

  Finding Concrete Strength with Schmidt Test Hummer: When the conditions of structure are not available for core drilling, the strength of the concrete is determined by Schmidt Test Hummer with non-destructive testing.

  EQ-Fast Expert System:The result data, obtained in the end of the observational inspections and researches on the building, is entered into the EQ-Fast Expert System which is improved by German Gerling Global RE and Aachen Technical University and approved by Istanbul Technical University (ITU). According to the program results;

•  The fundamental natural frequencies of the building and subsoil are measured using EQ-FAST’s acceleration pickup. The results of this measurement are valuated with the EQ-Fast Expert System in order to find out if there is a resonance between the soil and the building.

•  Building’s risk performance will be classified in 4 different categories as;

A - Low
B - Acceptable
C - High
D - Very high

•  The Mean Damage Ratio of buildings for different modified mercalli intensities is determined.

•  The building’s deficiencies, if any, are defined.

•  Damage / Non-damage reports are prepared.

  3 Dimensional Static Controls: Building’s 3 dimensional mathematical modeling and detailed analyses according to the seismic codes will be realized with the data obtained from the investigations on the building by using STA4-CAD (Structural Analysis for Computer Aided Design) program that we have license.  According to these results, the conditions of building’s existing structural system elements and the risk performance of the building are determined.

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